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Antique laces with a new life

Collection of old laces in L'Arca

If you get lost one of these days in the streets of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, you can recreate your view with a collection of antique lace l' Arca recently acquired by one of the most famous collector of  the country .

Antique point de gaze flounce

 Old  Brussels lace handkerchief

Duchesse lace and motherpearl fan

You can find eighteenth to nineteenth century flounces  but also pieces of lace boleros and shawls 3 peaks of black chantilly lace, Brussels lace fans, Duchess lace handkerchiefs, Point de Gaze umbrellas..This names make you dream  by themselves. Imagine you can give them a new life!

Hand made Chantilly lace 

Hand made  chantilly lace bolero

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Date 15/05/2014


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