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Romantic brides (1860)

The bridal gown: No other dress reflects more faithfully the spirit of an age, the history of fashion and the image of woman. We propose you  every week a  different  dress of  our collection. The selected gowns and accessories reconstruct the history of bridal fashion from 1860 to 1960. We  will start with the 1860 decade, with the romantic bride

Original 1860 wedding dress from Arca collection.

Queen Victoria of England’s wedding in 1840 marked a break in royal tradition, as noble fabrics (brocades, velvets) in red and silver had been predominant until then. Her magnificent white satin gown with Honiton lace imposed the ideal of the white wedding.

Les Modes de Paris . 1858

From this time onwards the bridal gown has followed the tendencies of elegant dresses. What distinguishes the bridal gown is not so much the cut, rather the use of luxurious fabrics (damask, satin) and gorgeous laces in their production. The use of crinoline underskirts with hoops dates back to 1850; this fabric gives the woman the overall appearance of a triangle with a wide base. In the middle of the 1860’s, crinoline began to move to the back of the skirt.

Crinoline : Musée de la mode de Paris

Orange blossom crown from L'Arca

Orange blossom  represent the freshness of virginity. Pinned to the corset, in the shape of a crown or small headdress, it tended to be made from wax in the 19th century. Etiquette demanded the bride reuse her gown during the first days of her marriage, although she was by no means to wear her veil or orange blossom again, these being a symbol of purity and virginity.

Date 02/06/2014


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