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Ways to the veil

Still don’t know how to wear your wedding veil? Don’t panic and see some suggestions from L’Arca

There are many ways to wear veil . At L’Arca we will tell you about them, and about how to put on a veil for each style.

Covering the forehead, in the pirate style

This style is trendy again, ever since some celebrities suchas Kate Moss o Laura Ponte wore  it. However, one must remember that is that it does not suit all faces, and that you must also  be careful with hairstyle to avoid hair being flattened when the veil is removed. If you’d like to use this style of veil, it’s a a good idea to ask the designer to prepare it on both sides.

To help secure the veil you may to combine this type of veil with a flower headband.


Low Midhead

This style is often used if you wear your hair slicked back or into a low bun. If you choose this veil style, you should use it in conjunction with a plastic or metal headcomb stiched to the veil to support its weight. This veil style can be reinforced with hair pins. Using a brooch is an additional option.

Low midhead

Midhead, with a Spanish haircomb

This style is often used by brides who wear a mid-height bun. Once the veil is removed, the haircomb can be included in the hairstyling, wether the bride’s hair is slicked back or not. In the latter case, you should secure the veil with another comb, plastic or metal.

midhead haircomb

Lowe part of the bun or hairstyle

In this case the veil will be literally below the bun or hairstyle, that it is to say in the lower part of the head, starting almost at the nape. If you choose this style, you need make sure that the veil is perfectly secured and that it is not too heavy.

lowe part of the bun or hairstyle

Veil covering the face

This style, as classic as elegant, has been seen at the center of some of the most mediatized wedding, such as that of princess Kate Middleton in England. In that case, the veil can be secured with a headpiece to simplify the unveiling of the bride after the ceremony.

Veil covering the face

Date 30/04/2013


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